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  • Business leaders meeting with U.S. Special Representative for Western Balkans and U.S. Ambassador to BiH

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  • AmCham BiH elected new BoG members during the General Assembly

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  • U.S. Embassy to BiH and AmCham BiH held a roundtable in Banja Luka

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  • Together with its members, AmCham BiH supported the Eco Challenge

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  • Event "April - Cyber Security month"

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  • We welcome our 100th member!

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  • NLB Banka d.d. Sarajevo becomes a member of the American Chamber of Commerce

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  • AmCham BiH in a visit to production lines of Yavuz company

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  • AmCham BiH presented business activities in cooperation with members from Banja Luka

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  • AmCham BiH and USAID WHAM successful cooperation

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  • The General Assembly of the AmCham BiH elected new members of the Board of Governors

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  • AmCham BiH held a meeting with Chamber of Economy of FBiH and Foreign Investors Council

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  • New AmCham BiH Secretary General

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  • AmCham BiH donated 5000 protective masks to the Association of BH Journalists

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  • Post Corona virus request for liberalization and mitigation of measures for the return of person leaving the border of BiH

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About Us

AmCham BiH Advocacy

AmCham’s advocacy activities are conducted through its committees and tasks forces. The Board of Governers, The Executive office and the Committees work together to achieve AmCham’s goals set forth in our strategic plan. All of the AmCham BiH Committees examine more closely the issues impacting companies and their operations, and formulate recommendations for the Board of Governors to act upon.

AmCham BiH Vision

AmCham BiH’s vision is to help create a booming and innovative free-market economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, transforming the country into a prosperous, inspiring nation, a thought leader in Southeast Europe. 

AmCham BiH Mission

By promoting the most progressive and sustainable American and international business practices, AmCham BiH is the voice of the finest business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Who are we?

We are an independent, non-proft, non-governmental organization and a fully accredited member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington. AmCham BiH was established in 2001 to advance the interest and views of U.S. and other foreign businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to assist in improving the business environment in BiH and to promote high standards of commercial practice.

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What do we do?

AmCham BiH aims to support and advance the interests of U.S., international and local businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a respectable business association we advocate for creation of a favourable business enviornment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With our members we work on identifying the obstacles to fair and correct business activities, and, in the same time, strive to identify possibilities to overcome them.

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Committees within AmCham BiH

Our committees and board develop positions on issues affecting our members, from trade to tax to industry standards. Through these positions, we can advocate for our members to government both here and in the United States.

What Our Members Say

Mr. Goran Cerovina

Executive director at NELT

Since the final goal of this business community is to bring entrepreneurs and their business ideas together, create a positive business environment suitable for realization of these ideas, make the real sector, as a base of economy, more capable and associate it with state institutions and policies, I can point out that is a great privilege to be active participant of this business community – AmCham BiH.

Mr. Mirza Bavčić

CEO at Express Courier – ASC for UPS in B&H, AmCham BiH Board member

Being a member of AmCham BiH provides the opportunity to cooperate with the companies that share similar business values and to advocate for improvement of the business climate in BiH, as well as to establish strong business connections and networks through the AmCham BiH Committees. We aim to promote the reliable, skilled, ethical and compliant business approach that will help AmCham BiH to become voice of the finest business in BiH, which will contribute AmCham membership expansion in BiH.

Mr. Srđan Lazović

General Manager Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Philip Morris

For us, AmCham means continuous work on creating an environment which motivates the individuals and the community to reach their full potential. Striving towards a better future is the goal of our company, but it is also what AmCham has always been striving for, making us natural partners.

Mrs. Ruža Tomić Fontana

General Manager at Coca Cola HBC

AmCham BiH is a strong platform with extensive positive influence which plays an immense role in improving the country’s business environment. This change-making and change-makers community strongly supports innovation, brings new business opportunities, and boosts value creation for individuals, companies and society as a whole.  

Ms. Nadina Hodžić

Senior Manager in Tax Department Ernst&Young, AmCham BiH Board member

„AmCham organization has been pursuing their goal for years - to improve the business environment of our country, while also creating a network of exceptional experts at one place and giving us a chance for unimaginable acquaintances and business opportunities. As someone who is part of a large corporation, I understand that the team is the best driver of the business, so it is a great privilege to be part of the network of AmCham members as well as to support their goal.“

Welcome new members!