On Tuesday, June 22, 2021 was held a meeting between representatives of AmCham BiH and Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of Republika Srpska where the status of e-signature in BiH and RS was discussed. 

The meeting was attended by representatives of Tax, Regulatory&Legal committee: Committee Chair Nadina Hodžić (Ernst & Young), Dženana Bašić (Addiko Bank) in front of the legal framework for digital signatures and Nenad Kovačić (NLB Banka a.d. Banja Luka).

AmCham has pointed out that digitalization is one of the key topics in the Chamber’s strategy, because members of the Chamber have recognized e-signature as a necessity for businesses and further business development

Representatives of the Ministry stated that the Republika Srpska is maximally committed to the e-signature experiencing it’s full application in BiH and RS. They presented the status of e-signature in RS, explaining that RS has adopted necessary regulations, that certain implementation processes have been implemented, but that there are still not all infrastructural prerequisites for mass use of e-signature, which requires certain additional investments.   

They emphasized that, even though regulations on BiH level exist and certain implementation processes have been implemented, the process of harmonization of BH regulations with eIDAS should be continued so that the e-signature could be used in its full capacity. In this process it is crucial to harmonize the role of the governing body and it’s management, in a way that ensures equal representation of all levels of government. The new solution should also take into account what has already been implemented at different levels of government. 

The Ministry expressed its willingness to work on finding an appropriate solution, and thanked the AmCham BiH for its initiative and advocacy to expand this topic, and we expect further talks in the coming period.