Representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH (AmCham BiH) recently had the opportunity to visit the Special Hospital for Ophthalmology "Dr. Kozomara" in Banja Luka, one of the leading health institutions in the region that specializes in ophthalmology services using the most modern equipment and technologies. This visit was focused on familiarization with ultrasound operations that use equipment from advanced American companies, including Alcon Laboratories, which illustrates the significant impact of American innovation on the improvement of the health sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Through the application of cutting-edge technology from the USA, the "Dr. Kozomara" hospital has set new standards in the provision of ophthalmic care, demonstrating how innovations can improve the quality of life of patients. AmCham BiH proudly supports such initiatives, which not only contribute to the progress of the health sector in BiH, but also strengthen bilateral ties between BiH and the USA in the field of technological and health innovations. This visit confirms our commitment to the promotion of innovation and excellence, and emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in the development of health services that can benefit all citizens.

Such activities of AmCham BiH are crucial in connecting domestic health institutions with global innovations and practices, thus ensuring that Bosnia and Herzegovina remains on the path of continuous improvement of health care and a better standard of living for its citizens.