The conference "Cyber ​​security - challenges and solutions in the digital world" was held in Sarajevo on June 9, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH (AmCham BiH).

On that occasion, the relevant speakers presented to the participants, both companies and individuals, various aspects of cyber security and cyber attacks that often occur today, and current solutions in this area.

In the introductory part, the participants of the conference were greeted by the Secretary General of AmCham BiH, Nedim Hamzić, and Ryan S Miller, Economic Affairs Officer of the US Embassy in BiH.

"We are glad that AmCham BiH has gathered relevant speakers and MPs in one place to talk about such an important topic. It is certainly necessary to further strengthen institutions and human resources for better prevention and fight against cyber ​​attacks, "said Nedim Hamzic.

Damir Dizdarević, President of the ICT Committee of AmCham BiH and a member of the Board of Directors of AmCham BiH, gave an introductory lecture and introduced all those present to the importance of digital identity protection.

In the introductory lecture, Damir Dizdarević emphasized that more than 80% of successful cyber attacks are realized by endangering and stealing user identities and that it is necessary to pay special attention to this in all segments. He also emphasized the upcoming concept of decentralized digital identities.

The conference participants had the opportunity to hear about the challenges of doing business and communicating via the Internet, current technologies and solutions in the field of cyber security, protecting children in the online world, and cyber attacks through real examples and experiences.

The panel discussion brought together experts from various state institutions to discuss institutional, legislative and telecommunications frameworks for cyber security.

Panel conclusion:

“Private-public partnership is crucial for an effective and adequate fight against Cyber ​​attacks and stable Cyber ​​security. Cooperation between institutions and security agencies at all levels in charge of Cyber ​​security is essential. It is also necessary to adopt a strategic framework in the field of Cyber ​​Security at all levels of government in BiH. "

It is crucial to establish a strategic framework at the state level that will deal with solutions to cyber attacks, agreed the participants of the conference "Cyber ​​Security - Challenges and Solutions in the Digital World".

We thank the sponsors of this year's conference, Mistral Technologies d.o.o., Qualys GmbH, International Republican Institute, AS Holding d.o.o., Comtrade System Integration d.o.o., Roaming Networks d.o.o., MIBO Komunikacije d.o.o., Union Smart Accounting d.o.o., Telemach d.o.o., Logosoft d.o.o., M: tel a.d., who recognized the importance of this topic.

We also thank the member of AmCham BiH, Communis, for help in organizing the conference and media support.