AmCham BiH (American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Center for Private International Enterprise (CIPE) continue their efforts to promote business integrity through Business Integrity Initiative. A recent training meeting was organized for AmCham BiH members and interested parties, where participants had the opportunity to learn about global anti-corruption issues and challenges from Richard Nephew, the U.S. State Department's Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption. training also included discussions on risk management processes when doing business with third parties, led by Amela Turkovic, a lawyer and an expert in the field of employment, commercial, and obligation law.

During the training, practical examples were shared on the application of relevant legislation during the due diligence process and the types of risks that may arise. The presenters and participants were commended for a successful training session, and anticipation was expressed for the next training titled "Compliance Procedures and Activities as a Response to Compliance Risks," scheduled for Monday, March 13 at 11:00 a.m.

The Business Integrity Initiative continued with the second training session, "Compliance Procedures and Activities as a Response to Compliance Risks," which was lectured by Mila Crnogorac Bajic, CCEP-I. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the consequences of unmitigated reputational risk in various industries, risk activities, and environmental analysis. The session concluded that the private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is taking the lead in compliance standards even before legal obligations are in place.

The Business Integrity Initiative, implemented by AmCham BiH in cooperation with CIPE Europe & Eurasia, aims to promote good corporate governance, combat corruption, and improve the business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The training sessions provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to participants, enabling them to effectively manage compliance risks and uphold integrity in their business practices.