American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with its corporate member Telemach is a partner of the Sarajevo Tech Summit, which will take place on the 22nd and 23rd  of September in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Tech Summit is a unique way of promoting BiH IT industry, to the guests from Chicago, throughout lectures and discussions with the help of prominent IT companies and successful entrepreneurs from across the country. The summit will gather nearly a hundred experts who come from the field of IT and IT business related owners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and representatives of the business community from Chicago who are coming to Sarajevo with an intent to transfer and exchange their knowledge, but also for the business networking with successful companies and startup businesses from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from the region countries.


The goal of the Summit is to enable IT professionals, entrepreneurs and companies from BiH and the region to exchange knowledge, experience and networking with business companies from Chicago.


The summit is a two-day event. The first day is reserved for the presentation of the local IT scene to the guests from Chicago through lectures and discussions. The speakers at the Summit will be representatives of member associations of the largest IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina – BIT Alliance, which are also members of AmCham BiH: Atlantbh, Authority Partners, Mistral Technologies, and Networks, where a part of the summits program will be held. On the second day there will be the exchange of the knowledge from the experts from Chicago, B2B business networking.

In addition to the partners, USAID through its REG program will provide the financial support of the Summit. The organizers of the Summit is the doIT organization from Sarajevo and the World Chicago from Chicago, which are jointly organizing this summit under the auspices of the project, US Department of State.