Researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to explore new educational opportunities

In a significant collaboration that aims to open new horizons for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the MIT Sloan School of Management and the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH (AmCham BiH) presented a five-year collaboration that will enable innovative, entrepreneurial leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina to immerse themselves in the innovation and expertise of academia. of the MIT Sloan environment.

Researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina have the opportunity to explore and contribute to the vibrant academic and professional ecosystem of MIT Sloan and Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. Unlike traditional study programs, this scholarship offers the flexibility to adapt to individual aspirations, encouraging a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Every year, 20 researchers from all over the world get the chance for a scholarship at MIT, and thanks to this program, one place is guaranteed for researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to education, the goal of the scholarship program, which will begin in 2024, will encourage the growth and development of new business ideas for Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is designed to strengthen international ties, improve mutual understanding and encourage innovation within the country.

At the heart of this program lies the deep connection that Bill Carter has with the Bosnian region.  An author and filmmaker, known for his work on the films "Kiss the Future", "Miss Sarajevo" as well as projects in collaboration with MIT Sloan Global Programs, including the film "Time is Now" - Carter's unwavering dedication to the people and history of Bosnia and Herzegovina inspired the idea for this opportunity.

"The scholarship program transcends education; it is a symphony of inspiration, connection and hope," Carter said. "I am honored to contribute to this beautiful chapter in the journey of Bosnia and Herzegovina." Carter's collaboration with Stu Krusell, senior director of global programs at MIT Sloan, brought this vision to life.

"MIT Sloan's mission is to discover potential, nurture and guide change agents, and we are dedicated to innovation, technology and global challenges and impacts," added Krusell. "We are delighted to begin this collaboration - which we see as an extension of our core values - and we will warmly welcome visiting scholars from Bosnia and Herzegovina to MIT Sloan."

"I am proud to be part of this transformational collaboration with MIT Sloan. Aligning with our mission of promoting bilateral trade and cooperation, this project symbolizes a renewed focus on the future and international cooperation. Together, we are paving the way for a new generation of visionary leaders," said Nedim Hamzić.

"As the coordinator of the AmCham working group for international cooperation in education, I recognize the enormous effort that has been invested in creating this scholarship program. It is an initiative that represents an extraordinary opportunity for researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators from Bosnia and Herzegovina to enter a world-renowned academic environment at MIT Sloan. Our joint efforts will certainly leave a lasting impact, strengthening international ties and encouraging innovation in our country," added Vesna Vlašić.

AmCham BiH continues to promote bilateral trade and cooperation between the United States of America and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this scholarship is in line with that mission. The release of the program coincides with the premiere of the film "Kiss the Future" at the Sarajevo Film Festival on August 11, 2023, symbolizing a renewed commitment to the future, innovation and international cooperation.