American Chamber of Commerce in BiH, as the gathering power of the most prominent companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has decided to create a platform aimed at empowering and developing individuals, their organizations and the entire community.


We have created an 11-month program that will give AmCham BiH a chance to give its best managers, prominent individuals with strong ethical characteristics, proactive employees and talents, and those they believe will be future leaders of these organizations, training and additional motivation through a set of modules, lessons and tasks.

The program is designed to provide individuals with maximum value and the opportunity to attend top lectures by business leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, to work on real and somewhat different business challenges and to build team spirit in this work. The main task of the program is to change the way of thinking of each individual through all activities, so that they think as a leader.

We believe that the long-term legacy will be an exceptional alumni network, but also an opportunity for program participants to act as mentors to future generations. The goal is to empower individuals to build better and more prosperous! Top leaders are created through experience and constant personal development, and this is an ideal opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills on the way to better versions of yourself.

AmCham BiH members will be informed in a timely manner about the registration of participants and the start date of the program.

We are looking forward to offering new value to our members in the year when AmCham BiH celebrates 20 years of advocacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina!