AmCham BiH formalized its cooperation with SYS Company, the ninth company in a row, as part of the activities of AmCham BiH and the USAID Bosnia and Herzegovina WHAM Activity project.

As part of the cooperation, an education called DevOps foundation was agreed for AmCham BiH members. The training will be attended by up to 16 participants from ICT companies which will employ quality staff.

DevOps is a new way of thinking and collaborating in the IT world that removes barriers and differences between Development (development that focuses on “something new”) and Operations (maintenance that focuses on “stability”). Attendees will also have the opportunity to make connections between the DevOps area and other framework environments, and new perspectives from a business perspective and business automation.

Emir Hulusić, head of the SYS Company training center, said “We are pleased to announce the implementation of a very important project to contribute to the development of the local information industry, as well as the creation of new jobs in BiH information companies. SYS Company Training Center is a leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to IT and business education, and AmCham BiH and USAID Bosnia and Herzegovina have recognized SYS Company and our training center as partners in this field. "

AmCham BiH also took the necessary steps in the form of employment support during the corona virus pandemic. "We are glad that by continuing to educate ICT staff, we will directly participate so that member companies gain additional value in their future work." This is the beginning of cooperation with SYS Company, and in the future we will work on creating a complete package of education with special benefits, which we will communicate to our members, because these are additional values ​​of membership, "said Nedim Hamzić, Secretary General of AmCham BiH.