Banja Luka, 21.9. - The conference "DiaLab: DiaLab: Women champions of Diaspora Engagement" was held today in the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska, bringing together more than 50 representatives of small businesses, civil society and the academic community. This manifestation, the fifth meeting in a row from the series previously held in Sarajevo and Mostar, focused on key aspects of the inclusion of the diaspora in the economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference was organized by Hexagon Startup Design and the Government of the United States of America through the "Diaspora Invest" project, which supports the development of connections between the diaspora and domestic entrepreneurs. The event was also supported by the Regional Chamber of Banja Luka and the American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AmCham BiH).

During the conference, the participants had the opportunity to learn about examples of excellent practices in this area. Andrea Đerman, Milica Jovičić, Slađana Trivić, Darija Stanković and Vesna Pucar Grubor presented their business initiatives.

Nedim Hamzić, Secretary General of AmCham BiH, as one of the co-organizers of the meeting, emphasized the importance of recognizing such initiatives. "We are here to support all good ideas, to everyone who needs mentoring and networking along the way. Banja Luka has once again shown that it is a great host and that we have a lot to learn from the examples of female entrepreneurs who spoke at today's event. This should be just one more step further and I believe that USAID through the activities of 'Diaspora Invest', but also us through AmCham, will provide quality feedback and continue to support good ideas like this," concluded Hamzić.

This conference represents another step in strengthening ties between the diaspora and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and promoting the role of women in achieving sustainable economic and social development of the country.