Company Forspace Solutions d.o.o. is aimed at providing a wide range of solutions, services and products that follow modern business processes and enable their automation and digitization. Following trends and standards in the field of information technology, Forspace develops and implements reliable solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each client. By digitizing business processes, the Forspace ERP software solution enables clients to run the company more efficiently, continuously monitor, plan and control business activities at every moment, prevent mistakes that would otherwise lead to complications. The Forspace Solutions team consists of experienced engineers who, using advanced tools, programming languages and technologies, ensure the successful implementation of projects for the development of web, desktop and mobile applications as well as API integration. Forspace Solutions operates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Germany and successfully provides development services from all centers to clients around the world.

"We are pleased to be part of the AmCham BiH community, and as a member we want to actively participate in improving the digitalization of processes in various industries and share our expertise, as well as the best software development methodologies with companies operating in BiH market", they said.

RCB Nanotehnologija d.o.o. the only company that produces recovered Carbon Black is the newest member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Carbon Black is used in the production of rubber and mechanical rubber, as well as in the application of plastics and masterbatch, pigments and coatings, thereby ensuring a rounded cyclical production of old tires, which represent one of the major problems in environmental protection.

"We are glad that the innovation of our company, which works on the recovery of Carbon Black, a technologically and ecologically sustainable solution to the problem of used car tires, has been recognized. And just as we give new value to society, creating new material, we are sure that with our participation and activities within the American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will contribute to the new values that this association represents," said Hanadi Džabić, general director of RCB Nanotehnologija d.o.o. Sarajevo.

The company Visa, the world leader in digital payments, is a new member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visa (NYSE: V) enables transactions between consumers, merchants, financial and government institutions in more than 200 countries and territories. The company's mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, practical, reliable and secure payment network, to help individuals, businesses and economies develop and include them in new payment flows.

"Visa is a company that wants to enable and encourage the inclusion of consumers around the world in the digital economy. We see that the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina has great potential for development in this area, because the research results show that every other company is open to investing in modern payment solutions. That is why we are especially happy that we became a part and member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I believe that together we can do a lot to contribute to the improvement of the payment industry market and the faster development of the local economy", said Vladimir Đorđević, General Manager for the Southeast Europe region.

Sarajevo kiseljak is one of the leading producers of natural mineral water and non-alcoholic refreshing drinks in BiH with two production facilities - in Kiseljak and Kreševo with a total production capacity of more than 230 million liters and a bottling tradition of more than 130 years. The Sarajevski kiseljak company is today a part of the Fortenova Group Beverage Group, where two other production companies are Jamnica from Croatia and Mg Mivela from Serbia. Thanks to this, the group has some of the most famous regional brands in its portfolio, such as: Sky, Ski, Sensation, Jamnica, Jana, Mg Mivela, Progame, Botanica, Toco. Sarajevo Kiseljak currently employs around 350 people in Kiseljak and sales offices throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Successful business enables the company Sarajevski kiseljak to further strengthen its position on the local market and in the region, creating a better future for the environment and society in which it operates. One of the company's priorities is expanding the network and developing partnerships with organizations like AmCham BiH, which also contribute to creating a better business environment in our country. As one of the members, we want to actively participate in the improvement of the business climate and promote and advocate high standards in the industry", said Admir Suljević, director of Sarajevski kiseljak.

Thanks to a clear vision, but also the constant investment of energy, effort and emotions of the entire team, Full Dent today represents a modern laboratory with constant and significant growth in the quality of services and products. The team created a brand whose most important determinants are reliability, quality and a humane goal. The success achieved by our laboratory is directly related to the fact that the collective consists of young and highly qualified experts who, together with Nenad, regularly improve their skills at professional courses in the country and abroad, as evidenced by numerous awards and certificates. They are proud because the combination of knowledge, learning, motivation and passion in the work they do has proven to be the best recipe for top results and success!

Eastern Mining is a BiH-based research-development company focused on the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources – zink, lead, and barite – in the Vareš area.  Fully owned by the UK’s Adriatic Metals, this company was recognized as the largest foreign investment by Sarajevo Business Forum as well as the investment of the year by Poslovne novine in 2022. The opening of the mine and the launch of production is planned for autum, 2023. The new plant will process 800.000 tonnes of minerals annually and produce three types of concentrate, which will be further processed outside of BiH. Strategically focused on the well-being of the community, Eastern Mining is continuously investing in education, sustainable development, culture, sport, and art. 

“Eastern Mining is a long-term and self-sustainable investment project which places Vares and BiH on the world map of the mining industry of the 21st Century. We are introducing the best worldwide standards and technologies available, with full respect for the protection of the environment we live and work in. Hence, we are glad to become a member of AmCham as the platform for our additional contribution to the improvement of the business environment in BiH. In this process, it is of high importance that the voice of the business community is heard, particularly of foreign investors. We are looking forward to the exchange of experiences with companies that share the same business values“, they said.

Klika is a Bosnian company that was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Sarajevo and operates in the field of providing IT consulting services on the international market, mainly in North America, Europe and the Middle East. It has over 220 employees, and in addition to Sarajevo, Klika also has hubs in Banja Luka and Las Vegas. In a short time, it became one of the fastest growing companies and one of the leaders in the IT industry in BiH, and is the winner of many awards for its contribution to the domestic economy, as well as for its long-term dedication to the goals of sustainable development, with a special focus on the principles of diversity and inclusion. One of the main goals of Klica is to have satisfied clients and meet the highest quality standards in all business segments, as well as to create the best possible working environment and business opportunities for young people in the country. With a clearly defined vision and values on which the company rests, Klika manages to build strong business partnerships together with its employees for the past nine years. As a company that is recognized in the local community, Klika is the initiator of many initiatives and programs, connecting with educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and various associations in order to strengthen the local community and improve its position. Membership in AmCham BiH represents an exceptional opportunity for Klika to further develop the best business practices and to strengthen the competitiveness of our country on the international market together with other respected members.

"For us, joining the AmCham organization represents the opportunity to access one of the largest available business networks in the country, which is also the most active group for advocating better conditions for business. We are extremely pleased to be part of the professional staff that now gathers over a hundred of the best experts in the country", said Samir Eljazović, director, Klika d.o.o. Sarajevo.

Merck Sharp & Dohme BH d.o.o. is a subsidiary of Merck Sharp & Dohme – MSD (Merck & Co Inc. U.S.A), based in Sarajevo since 2009. The main MSD activities are registration and marketing of medicinal products in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For over 130 years, MSD has been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases in pursuit of its mission to save and improve lives. In cooperation with local distributors, MSD is committed to ensure timely access to appropriate treatment for all patients in need, talking always in account market specifics, affordability and willingness to pay for innovation.

“As an American company, MSD wants to participate in improving external environment in healthcare sector with the main focus on transparency and business predictability. We want to be part of AmCham community and through advocacy to engage with governmental stakeholders in order to contribute further in accelerating access to pharmaceutical innovation to patients in Bosnia and Herzegovina. MSD wants actively to engage and contribute to specific projects implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, they said.