The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) BiH, in cooperation with AmCham BiH, held a webinar for business women, middle level managers in BiH, companies and women entrepreneurs. This webinar is a part of the EBRD's "Women in Business" program.

We are aware of the importance of promoting best business practices and supporting women in business, and our goal is to promote greater participation of women in business and direct them to acquire the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to take the next career step and turn those ambitions into success.

Our first topic, "Transformational leadership during the crisis" which was held by Tanja Pureta (Ramiro d.o.o.), gave answers to many questions. She told participants everything about different leadership styles while providing real life examples and advices and helped to acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques to effectively lead and manage people, teams and businesses.

Both, First Vice president of Board of Governors AmCham BiH, Mrs. Amina Karić and Director of EBRD BiH, Mrs. Manuela Naessl, supported the event.

"AmCham BiH is very proud of this cooperation with EBRD BiH. We aim to be an organization where knowledge sharing is welcomed and we plan to use this opportunity to raise awareness about importance of having strong and skilled women in business. These webinars show us realistic and practical examples and promote best practices which all together is directed towards better business climate in BiH", said Mrs. Karić.

"The webinar we are organising with AmCham today is part of our response to restricted opportunities for acquiring business management skills. We cooperate with a number of local stakeholders and I am glad that we recognised a trustworthy partner in AmCham. This is a first event in our cooperation. However, I am sure it will not be the last as we envisaged a series of online education that we plan to deliver to you this year", said Mrs. Naessl.

Many thanks to colleagues from the EBRD Advice for Small Businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the organization and cooperation. We look forward to this webinar, and all the next ones that await us within this program this year. In June we plan to organize our second webinar, and the third one is planned for September this year.