Aware of the importance of this topic for all of us, in the cooperation with BHAAAS (Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences) we held a webinar called "Stress today and mental health".

Reputable lecturers, experts in their fields, Esad Boškailo. M.D., Amer Smajkić, M.D. and Nirvana Pištoljević, Ph.D. emphasized the importance of educating the public on these topics, and especially emphasized the importance of recognizing stress and anxiety in children, especially because these disorders can develop at early age. They also stressed that Bosnia and Herzegovina should use the opportunity and engage as often as possible American experts who are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and who are very happy to be available for any kind of cooperation in these areas.

"We are extremely happy to start this kind of cooperation with AmCham and maybe go beyond the scope of AmCham's activities with a topic like this. We from the BHAAAS Medical Section really want to talk about the importance of mental health in BiH in as many ways and with as many partners as possible, and the mechanisms by which we could work together to raise citizens' awareness of the problem of stress and the impact of the pandemic on the functioning of the whole family. We looked at the effects of this toxic stress on children's development and the possible serious conditions in children due to these levels of stress and anxiety. We tried to offer options on how to deal with such conditions, and how important it is pay attention to the overall development of the child, from conception to school age, because everything that is missed in the development or negatively affects development, will have effects in the long term. Children are the future of every country, and every country must work to protect them, but also to protect their parents and the support systems around them through these difficult times" - said from BHAAAS.

We believe that these are very important topics and we ask everyone to talk about them more often, so that we can individually, but also all of us together, work to solve problems caused by stress and anxiety in children and adults, and in the end to work to preserve the mental health of the whole nation.

Once again, we thank the BHAAAS and guest lecturers for their contribution and time.