The American Chamber of Commerce in BiH and Personal Data Protection Agency in BiH held a workshop on the topic “GDPR General Data Protection Regulation”.

During the workshop members of the US Chamber of Commerce in BiH had the opportunity to be informed about the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a reform of the protection of personal data in the European Union, created in accordance with the technological development and new ways of processing personal data.

The guest speaker of the workshop was Nedžmija Kukričar, Expert Adviser for Inspection in the Personal Data Protection Agency in BiH, who had a presentation titled “The Impact of GDPR on Domestic Businesses”. The Regulation reinforces the rights of the data bearer and the obligations of those who process personal data. New ones are introduced and some existing definitions are simplified, biometric and genetic data are defined, more precisely describing the existing concepts, strengthening the data bearer, and reducing and simplifying the administrative responsibilities of the personal data collector, while strengthening the supervisory powers and the possibility of imposing fines personal data protection bodies.