On 22th September 2021 AmCham BiH held a meeting with the Ministry of Economy of Canton Sarajevo regarding two initiatives that are the result of the work plan of our two committees; the ICT Committee and the Ethics and compliance Committee.

Specifically, the first initiative was about the digitalization of processes in the Canton Sarajevo that would facilitate many business activities. The proposal of the AmCham Committee for ICT is to offer all the resources, knowledge and quality to start these processes. Another initiative is related to AmCham BiH's proposal for an ethics clause that requires companies to work with high standards of ethics.

We are satisfied because we have the support and understanding of Minister Adnan Delić, because our goal is to develop a long-term partnership with the Government of Canton Sarajevo and the Ministry of Economy of Canton Sarajevo.

The meeting was attended by Damir Dizdarević (Logosoft), President of the ICT Committee, Bojan Bajić (Korekt), President of the Ethics and compliance Committee, Indir Osmić (CMS), and Nedim Hamzić, Secretary General of AmCham BiH.

We thank Minister Delić for his proactive approach and desire to jointly contribute to a better business environment in Canton Sarajevo.