On Wednesday, June 24, 2021 our second webinar was held within the series of on-line education for business women, middle level managers of companies of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This time, the webinar was organized by AmCham BiH in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) BiH.

The topic of this webinar was "Storytelling- The secret of success of every brand" and the lecturer this time was Mrs. Arijana Miličević Palić, Head of Commercial and Retail for CEE and Nordics at Ontex, who has many years of experience in organizing and conducting trainings for companies.

The goal of this webinar was to help the participants learn how to tell better stories. We had an opportunity to hear how important it is for one brand and  branding a good story, which has context, quality content and flow and even conflict elements. In order to build a good and quality brand, it is necessary to talk and present the brand.  The elements of a story are: emotions, surprise, details, oral and writing skills. These are definitely segments that will give completely different flow and quality content to a story. 

Many thanks to colleagues from the EBRD BiH for the organization and cooperation, and to Ms. Arijana Miličević Palić who shared with us interesting tips and stories that can help us in our storytelling and how we can create our own story.

This was another opportunity to learn new things and ideas in the business world, and we are looking forward to the next webinar that will be held in September.

"Stories explain how and why life changes."

-Robert McKee