The Association "Srce za djecu oboljelu od raka" with its vision and mission, and through its activities, advocates and cares for the future of children with cancer and young people who overcame cancer in childhood. Therefore, they have intensified their efforts to bring a better and brighter future closer to our greatest heroes. They have launched new program activities based on deep empathy, while helping to keep education, equal opportunities, progress and the future of children suffering from malignant diseases, but also young ambitious people who went through such a struggle in childhood.

"It is with this goal that we are looking for a strong partner with the same views on the future of children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We were looking for someone to share our mission. Someone who has education, future, progress and development in the focus of his thoughts. We found all this and much more in a praiseworthy partner, the socially responsible company ZIRA from Sarajevo, which will also mark 25 years of work with this significant partnership under the slogan "Courage is what IT takes", said Fikret Kubat, director of the Association Srce za djecu.

With a significant donation, ZIRA supported the operation of two apartments in the Parents 'House in Sarajevo, maintenance of a terrace - a place for parents and children to rest, calling it symbolic "Terrace with a better view of the future" and the purchase of new furniture for the yard and children's park in front of Parents' House. With this kind of support, a better future for sick children is guaranteed. It is no longer uncertain, because having a friend like this who will step with you side by side through the biggest storm is an invaluable asset.

“The mission of ZIRA has always been focused on the future and the well-being of both us, who are part of the ZIRA story, and the wider community. Our goal is to create a work environment in which employees, their needs come first, where they will gladly give their best. Through this concept, we want to keep young people in the country by creating an inspiring, promising and secure work environment, which has an advantage over what they can get in other countries. We want to expand our mission and recognize the needs of the local community, look ahead, empower young people on their path to the future, because it is the only path that brings success, " said Sabina Selvic - Orucevic, CEO of ZIRA.

We stand together and we look forward. We are building a better world to those on whom it rests, children. 

The City of Sarajevo, together with Major Benjamina Karić, also provided us with its support and in that way supported the investments of BiH, like ZIRA, to the local community.