Logosoft Education during the summer created Logosoft IT Summer School 2020, an online school of IT technology that is suitable for children of primary and secondary education, students or beginners in IT careers who need an IT career direction. Logosoft IT Summer School 2020 allows students to get acquainted with 6 different IT areas that are highly sought after and attractive in the IT world today, namely: Microsoft operating systems for workstations and servers, Microsoft cloud services, Introduction to networks and network equipment, Back-end development - C #, Microsoft SQL Server and Front-end development - HTML with JavaScript and CSS. The virtual workshop is led by a live instructor using the Microsoft Teams platform and virtual labs are used for practical exercises. With the support of the AmCham BiH USAID WHAM project, 4 participants are attending Logosoft IT Summer School 2020, which will also be employed within Logosoft d.o.o. We are glad that even during the COVID-19 pandemic we manage to influence the improvement of the workforce of our member companies.