The American Chamber of Commerce in BiH sent a request to the competent institutions for liberalization and mitigation of measures for the return of persons leaving the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to fulfill previously assumed obligations outside our country or entry of foreigners into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Many members of AmCham BiH have contracted jobs outside the borders of our country and are waiting for the fulfillment of contractual obligations. Failure to fulfill contractual obligations entails numerous penalties and even possible termination of contracts, which would ultimately have a direct impact on the shaky economy of BiH. The region regulated the exit and defined the procedure for leaving the country, but the situation regarding return within the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina is questionable and leads to a fourteen-day quarantine stay and our appeal is to mitigate these measures” states AmCham BiH.

They wrote that the economy should not and must not suffer, and that it is the right time to take all possible and necessary activities and mitigate measures related to businesses, their exit and return to BiH, all in the direction of economic recovery and sustainability and successful work of numerous companies in order not to be brought to the very edge of existence.

“The American Chamber of Commerce in BiH helped with various donations to medical institutions during the corona virus crisis thanks to our members, which it plans to do in the future. We believe that the situation in our country is no worse than in the region and we see no reason to have stricter criteria. “, the statement said.

The institutions should realize that the readiness to take on contractual obligations by responsible and conscientious companies does not pose any danger to the community, but on the contrary, determination and action to develop our economy and society.