The American Chamber of Commerce in BiH presented its first White Paper and Action Plan. It is a document in which eleven obstacles are elaborated, based on the barriers standing in the way of U.S. investors, other international investors, domestic companies, members of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH. Specific barriers have been highlighted by US investors, members of AmCham BiH and other guests of the “US Business Promotion and Networking Forum” held in Banja Luka last September, organized by AmCham BiH in cooperation with the US Embassy in BiH.

H.E. Maureen E. Cormack, the U.S. Ambassador to BiH, at the very beginning of the Presentation held her honorary speech in which she repeatedly emphasized that the AmCham BiH has full support of the U.S. Embassy in BiH when it comes to solving the obstacles indicated in the White Paper, and invited the chamber members to get more actively involved because only united and active members can create a chamber that can be a leader in making successful reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She also stressed that it is the right time for the members to actively unite, given the upcoming general elections in October.

“Right now, political parties are forming their platforms with an eye on October 2018 elections. The timing is good to help provide business community input to those platforms, and this White Paper is a substantive addition to that conversation.” – said the ambassador on the White Paper’s White Paper yesterday.

Following the presentation of the AmCham BiH White Paper and Action Plan, a panel discussion was held where the panelists were members of the newly elected Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce BiH, The President of the AmCham BiH BoG Kenan Karčić, 2nd vice-president of AmCham BiH Boro Mioč, AmCham BiH BoG Members Amina Karić and Mirza Bavčić, and the Executive director of AmCham BiH Violeta Čibukčić. During the panel, the White Paper and Action Plan was presented in a discussion manner , with an emphasis on how can that the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH and its members contribute to improving the business climate in BiH and overcoming the obstacles mentioned in the document.

“Following the AmCham BiH Strategic Plan, which will be presented to the members and the public in September, with the committees within the chamber that will become activate, joint efforts will be tackled to overcome one by one obstacle, all with the aim of creating a favorable business ground for attracting new investments into BiH “, said the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH, Kenan Karčić.

The White Paper and Action Plan will serve as a starting point for creating the Strategic Plan through which members will address business barriers per each sector.