In a recent series of international meetings in Washington D.C., representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH (AmCham BiH), led by Secretary General Nedim Hamzić, stood out as key actors in strengthening economic and trade ties between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States of America. The visit to the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as well as the participation in the National Prayer Breakfast, emphasized the importance of bilateral cooperation and international partnerships for economic development and reforms.

Significant meetings for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the "Round Table on Prospects for Improving Economic and Trade Relations between the United States of America and Bosnia and Herzegovina", held on January 30 at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hamzić emphasized the necessity of cooperation between the two business communities. The importance of bilateral networks for creating B2B opportunities was highlighted, which received a positive response from the U.S. of the State Department.

Commitment to economic progress

The visit to the World Bank and IFC further confirmed the commitment to improving economic ties and cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and international financial institutions. Rusmir Hrvić, CEO of AS Holding, expressed his gratitude for the support of the World Bank of BiH in economic development, emphasizing the expectation for a more intensive investment strategy in the economy and green economy.

Global dialogue at the National Prayer Breakfast

By participating in the National Prayer Breakfast, AmCham BiH was part of a global dialogue that brings together more than 3,000 leaders from 127 countries, promoting unity and peace. Conversations with congressmen Tracey Mann and Tim Walberg highlighted BiH's potential for future cooperation. The President of Rwanda, with his inspiring message of reconciliation and building strong nations, emphasized the importance of unity in creating resilient societies.


Through these significant meetings, AmCham BiH confirmed itself as a key factor in the promotion of BiH on the international scene, highlighting the potential for economic development and opening new avenues for cooperation. These events not only strengthen the existing ties between BiH and the USA, but also open the door to new opportunities that will benefit both nations in the future.