Today, in the premises of the “Parents House”, a ceremonial donation of the donor’s check was held with the funds collected through the humanitarian action “Smile every day”.

The Humanitarian Action “Smile every day” was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH in cooperation with the Association  “Heart for the kids with cancer in FBiH“, with the aim of collecting funds for the undisturbed work of the “Parents House” which exists only thanks to the philanthropic sensibility of individuals and part of social structures. Through the humanitarian campaign, BAM 79,000 was collected, which is an evidence that the business community in BiH did not stay indifferent at the invitation of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH to participate in the realization of the mentioned socially responsible activity, which is to help the “Parents Houses” that is the users of the House, children with malignant illnesses.

At the ceremony of the formal reception, AmCham BiH and the Association ” Heart for the kids with cancer in FBiH”, thanked once again the volunteers and donors on their generous support and donations, donors in the Golden Donor category, Marić & Co, Symphony, Junuzović Foundation, Hifa Petrol, in the Silver category the company Bhtelecom, and the Bronze donors Atlantbh, Microcredit Foundation Partner and the start-up company Ministry of Programming.

After the ceremony, the donors had the opportunity to look around and visit the apartments in the House and so got more familiar with the conditions of the House, its users and its overall needs.

It is important to note that the humanitarian action “Smile every day” did not have only the purpose to raise donations and so help the work of the House, but also to raise awareness of volunteerism. In this regard, AmCham BiH has been able to animate more than 30 volunteers from the business community in BiH, who signed up to volunteer and participate continuously in its work in accordance with their aims and capabilities.

The American Chamber of Commerce in BiH will continue to cooperate with the Association in order to achieve a common goal, which is to find a systematic solution that will help the “Parents House” exist for a longer period of time.