American Chamber of Commerce in BiH, in cooperation with its members Mistral and Logosoft, in April, organized a series of sessions dedicated to cyber security, as a topic of great importance for all businesses, regardless of the industry they belong to.

During the first session, we had pleasure to host Mr. Peter Mitchener, Senior National Intelligence Office for Cyber ​​Security at the FBI. Mr. Mitchener showed exceptional expertise and shared his rich experience of working in the FBI with the participants.

In the second and third sessions, we hosted local speakers  with great experience in international projects, domestic companies and in teaching activities.

Mr. Damir Dizdarević, CEO of Logosoft, spoke at the second session about the importance of identity protection in creating a cyber strategy, and Mr. Jasmin Azemović, CISO Mistral, who talked about cyber attacks and how to prevent them, or what to do if they happen during the third session.

Among other things, they mentioned some very interesting issues such as:

  • Does the loss of an ID card or one of the digital identities (eg Linkedin account) make us more nervous?
  • Do we, as companies and as individuals, invest enough in the protection of digital identities?
  • Do we know how to prevent a cyber attack and do we have a strategy on how to defend ourselves if we are attacked?

Mr. Dizdarević and Mr.  Azemović shared their extensive experience from practice, and if we had to summarize these two fantastic lectures in one key message, it would be this one:

Cyber ​​security is a process, not the final destination for every company and individual, and it is very important that everyone in the organization has a sufficient level of knowledge and understanding of this process.

We once again thank our members for their support in organizing the event which attracted over 220 participants during the three sessions in the past period.