A member of the American Chamber of Commerce INTERA Technology Park organized the first international online B2B event in Bosnia and Herzegovina called Connecto 2020!

The goal of the B2B event is to connect the Bosnian diaspora with local entrepreneurs and facilitate the process of internationalization, but also to increase investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The importance of networking this year is even stronger given the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic to the local and global economy. Adapting to the new situation, this year's edition of the Connecto conference has been moved to the online world, allowing participants, regardless of their geographical location, to connect and participate in a unique event composed of conferences and B2B meetings.

The one-day online conference opened with a welcome speech by Mr. Vedran Šimunović, Executive Director of INTERA Technology Park, who expressed pride in the realization and response of participants from more than 25 countries to the event that contributes to the overall vision of INTERA Technology Park. Introductory speeches by Ms. Karin Rau, Head of GIZ's Innovation and Digitization in SMEs in BiH Project, Mr. Eric Nelson, US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mr. Tomislav Ruk, Board Member and Executive Director for Marketing, Sales and Customer Support in HT Eronet, the importance of knowledge of one's homeland and its potential by the diaspora was emphasized, but also the importance of the diaspora for the development and future of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The introductory lecture was given by Mr. Armin Alijagić, President of Naša perspektiva Group, who presented statistics on the Bosnian diaspora, but positive practices from around the world in which Bosnia and Herzegovina and the diaspora can find motives and examples that can be applied in their own connection.

The conference program was complemented by presentations of USAID's Diaspora Invest project and GIZ's program, whose focus is precisely on the possibilities of supporting business cooperation. The conference ended with a presentation by Ms. Aida Ibričević, who commented on the obstacles, strategies and success of voluntary return migration to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As an important segment of the event, INTERA Technology Park, in cooperation with co-organizers and partners and with the support of the European Entrepreneurship Network (EEN), after the official event, organized online B2B meetings that provided participants with the most effective way to identify business partners, clients and / or suppliers. Over three days, more than 300 of them from more than 25 countries had the opportunity to meet potential partners, associates and clients from all over the world, making their first contacts and creating the foundations for entering new markets.