From May 13th to 18th, AmCham BiH organized a business delegation of 27 representatives from 19 leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a unique visit to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The delegation met with leaders of the world's most renowned tech companies, including Apple, IBM, Astranis, Microsoft, Adobe, Plug and Play, and Fortinet, to exchange knowledge and experiences on the latest technologies such as AI. Members of the AmCham BiH business delegation were also welcomed by successful professionals like Darko Neuschul, Director of Global Trade Compliance at Adobe, and Miralem Salihović, Head of Solution and Technology Development at Apple. "Today, I had the honor of hosting distinguished business leaders from the Bosnian-Herzegovinian economy as part of the AmCham BiH delegation at our global headquarters, Apple Park, in Cupertino, California. We took the time to get acquainted, have excellent discussions, and tour Apple Park. I believe our guests enjoyed it as much as we did, and I look forward to future meetings and partnerships between Apple and AmCham," said Miralem Salihović.

The visits focused on meetings with leaders of research and development, international trade, and operations departments at IBM, Apple, and Astranis. Our business leaders discussed cutting-edge technological and business processes, while meetings with giants of innovation like Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple resulted in the presentation of digital tools and models that will enhance the operations of our companies and increase their competitiveness on the global market. "This visit is crucial for establishing long-term partnerships that can significantly contribute to the economic and technological development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Building connections with these global leaders, in a market like the USA, which is a leader in technological innovations, and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, lays the foundation for the future growth and prosperity of our country. We expect these contacts to open doors to new investments and improve the tech sector in BiH, as our goal is to continuously work on improvements," said Nedim Hamzić, Secretary General of AmCham BiH.

"Learning from the world's leading companies, establishing new, significant contacts, and exchanging experiences is undoubtedly a unique opportunity for Bosnian companies. This AmCham initiative, which started last year, allows our companies to upgrade their knowledge, open doors to innovations and new ideas for improving business by learning from the examples of leading global companies that are creators of the future. I believe these visits have opened new possibilities for the further advancement and growth of our economy," said Amina Mahmutović, President of the Board of Governors of AmCham BiH.

The delegation visited Microsoft Silicon Valley campus, Adobe headquarters in San Jose, Plug and Play tech center, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and Fortinet, aiming to establish bilateral relations and present Bosnia and Herzegovina as an attractive investment market. These visits allowed our leaders to learn from global innovators, which is essential for the development of new technologies and the transfer of useful knowledge to Bosnian companies. Practical demonstrations, such as riding in a driverless Waymo vehicle, provided delegates with a glimpse into the future of transportation, while building valuable connections may result in the establishment of offices and new investment opportunities in our country. "It was fantastic to hear more about what the Bosnian market offers directly from business leaders during today's visit. For positioning BiH as a potential place for investment and trade cooperation with San Francisco, meetings and presentations like today's are necessary as initial steps in that direction," said Mark Chandler, Director of International Trade at the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco.

We thank the companies Adriatic Metals,, AS Holding, ASA Holding, Atlantbh, Comtrade System Integration, CORE, Erkona, Express Courier - ASC for UPS in BiH, Finit Consulting, Full Dent, IBM, Marić & Co., SYS Company, Teknoxgroup, UniCredit Bank Mostar, Violeta, Virgin Pulse, and Zira for supporting this significant initiative. Their determination to be part of this delegation and learn directly from world leaders opens new opportunities for the Bosnian market and represents a significant step forward in opening doors to greater American investments in the future.