As part of the Business Integrity Initiative project, AmCham BiH and Public Procurement Agency BiH laid the foundations for strengthening transparency and integrity in public procurement processes by signing a Cooperation Agreement. The signing ceremony, which was held in the premises of the Public Procurement Agency, marked an important step forward in promoting ethical business practices.

This Agreement represents the culmination of the long-term efforts of both parties to establish a stronger dialogue and cooperation on the improvement of the public procurement framework in BiH. The goal is to achieve greater transparency, efficiency and fairness in public procurement processes, thereby contributing to the creation of a fairer and more competitive business environment. Through this cooperation, AmCham BiH and the Public Procurement Agency of BiH will jointly work on education, advocacy and implementation of best practices in this area.

"I am extremely proud of the signing of this Cooperation Agreement, which will not only contribute to the development of a better business environment, but will also enable the strengthening of integrity and trust between the public and private sectors. I want to point out and thank the Agency for Public Procurement for the exceptional acceptance of our initiative, which shows their commitment to the principles of transparency and openness, which are crucial for the progress of our community," said Nedim Hamzić, Secretary General of AmCham BiH.

The cooperation agreement also emphasizes the importance of public-private dialogue as a key element in building trust and understanding between sectors. AmCham BiH, through its advocacy activities, continuously works to encourage such dialogue, always striving for constructive cooperation with public administration bodies open to positive changes that benefit the entire community.

It is expected that the signing of this Agreement will lead to significant improvements in public procurement practices, which will have a positive effect not only on the efficiency and transparency of the process, but also on the reputation of the business community in BiH. Through joint efforts, AmCham BiH and the Public Procurement Agency of BiH lay the foundations for a public procurement system that is fair, transparent and accessible to all interested parties, which directly contributes to a better business environment and economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.