Young people will listen and learn about mental health, entrepreneurial mindset, digital labor market, storytelling through the experience of popular and new entrepreneurs in BiH

"Coca-Colina pordrška mladima" - Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo's program, which recognizes, develops, empowers and motivates participants to succeed, making them more competitive in the labor market, began on May 6 and is being implemented online this year. So far, three interactive webinars have been organized, during which participants listened to, but also discussed and asked how to start a career in a large system, how to manage money, what is financial literacy, how to save, but also how to activate imagination and natural talents in achieving goals.

During the fourth webinar prof. Dr. Ivana Zecevic will talk about mental health.

#LearnApplyStart is still the motto of "Coca-Colina podršla mladima" program, which offers the knowledge needed to cope with the labor market, with special reference to the "new normality", ie the conditions of the pandemic, so this topic is included in the "Coca-Colina podrška mladima" program. During this year's "Coca-Colina podrška mladima" program, special Q&A sessions will be organized with some of the most successful and inspiring BiH entrepreneurs, and during the webinar we will also talk about the entrepreneurial mindset, digital labor market, and storytelling. Since the health and safety of lecturers, associates and participants are still in the first place, this year's workshops were organized in an online format, via the Zoom platform in the approximate duration of 60 minutes. Applications for participation are open and mandatory, and the application form can be found at the link:

Although primarily intended for young people aged 18-30, everyone can participate in the workshops, noting that those under 18 can follow the program with the prior written consent of their parents. The program can be followed by people over 30 years of age if they belong to vulnerable categories of unemployed or otherwise vulnerable groups (national minorities, people with disabilities), people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic…).

Coca-Cola HBC invites young people to get involved, be part of this year's Coca-Cola Youth Support Program, and during webinars suggest topics that are important to them and that they would like to hear more about.

During the first part of this year's program, the following webinars and / or Q&A sessions are planned:

 26.5. Ivana Zečević - Mental health

 1.6. Nikola Kužet - Entrepreneurial mindset

 9.6. Nermin Zejnilović - Jump into the digital labor market

 15.6. Sanja Hajdukov - Storytelling as a tool in marketing

 21.6. Amna Tuzovic and Alem Hamzic - Be KUL-I-TI!

 7.7. Bojana Blažević - Unlocking inner genius

 21.7. Nikola Kužet - Entrepreneurial mindset

The confirmed partners of the program so far are: Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of the Government of Republika Srpska, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of HNK, Employment Bureau of Republika Srpska, Municipality of Capljina, AmCham, Erasmo Center, Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina , AIESEC, GKUD Capljina, Capljina mladi, Qlity, PRIME Communications.

The call for partnerships is open to all institutions and organizations interested in empowering young people in BiH.

Coca-Cola Youth Support Workshops are, and always will be, free for all participants.