In order to improve business integrity, a corporate understanding of the term needs to be developed. Agreeing on a definition of integrity in business is a required first step on the road to a more integrous organization.

On Monday, September 19, an informative meeting was held with the member company Amcham BiH and the director of the Center for Anti-Corruption and Governance CIPE (ACGC), Mr. Frank Brown, on improving the integrity of the companies in BiH business community.

In this regard, the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH is proud to announce the implementation of the "Business Integrity Initiative" project, whose main goal is to improve the low competitiveness of companies and the unfair and non-transparent business environment in the country through the strategic engagement of participants in efforts to promote good corporate governance. The way in which this will be achieved will includes the formation of a group of companies that will serve as an example of good business practice when it comes to integrity harmonizing activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, local companies will get the opportunity to align their policies with the US and EU market requirements, but also improve the understanding of anti-corruption compliance requirements in the domestic business community.

Having integrity and constantly upholding high ethical standards out of a sense of duty rather than for any anticipated gain is what it means to be an organization of integrity. It also means acting honorably even when no one is looking. Having an ethical culture that penetrates an entire corporate ecosystem is what is meant by having integrity. Additionally, it entails maintaining accountability and owning up to any mistakes while being open about any deficiencies. 

Ensuring interactions with consumers, employees, suppliers, investors, and regulators are in line with stated goals and purposes entails bridging any gaps between intentions and actions. Making sure that one constantly conducts themselves in a respectable manner in the workplace is the final step.