Securitas BH joins the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH and becomes a member whose practices will contribute to the work of the Chamber and thus improve the business environment.

"Being safe is one of the basic human needs." That was the conviction of Erik Philip-Sörensen, the founder of Securitas, a Dane who arrived in the Swedish city of Helsingborg and founded a company to guard buildings at night. That was in 1934 and at that time it had two employees.

Today, Securitas is a company that provides private protection of property and persons, represented in 56 countries around the world. With the purchase of local protection agencies, Securitas entered the BiH market in 2010. The company offers protection throughout BiH through 16 branches. Nearly 2,000 employees guard over 6,000 locations for 4,000 clients. The purpose that guides employees is: WE HELP MAKE YOUR WORLD A SAFER PLACE.