We are proud to announce a successfully held lecture and interactive discussion within our Business Integrity Initiative. The event brought together our valuable members and gave them the opportunity to learn about the key aspects of compliance procedures, transparent business and business with integrity.

Our main goal is to improve the business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina by raising awareness of the importance and implementation of business codes. We would like to thank our excellent lecturer, Mirza Bavčić, and the moderator, Mila Crnogorac Bajić, CCEP-I, who shared their experiences with expertise and knowledge and provided guidance on the practical application of the code.

Our interactive discussion resulted in important conclusions. Clearer communication of positive changes and rules and internal motivation for implementation are key factors of successful integrity. Also, we emphasized that the top management must be an example in the practice of implementing the code.

AmCham BiH remains committed to supporting our members and business partners in achieving high standards of integrity and transparency. Through further initiatives and events, we will continue to provide resources and education to create a better business environment together.

We thank everyone who participated in this important event. Your support and engagement are key to achieving positive changes in the business community of Bosnia and Herzegovina.