Thomas J. Miller, a former U.S. ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, paid a visit to the Vispak company and its production facilities in Visoko, and attended the presentations planned for the event. The employees had the chance to showcase their famous dishes, the brand's history, and their traditional recipes during this significant visit for Vispak.

Vispak was founded in 1972 as part of the company Velepromet Visoko with the aim of processing and packaging coffee and a number of food products, it immediately became recognizable for its roasted and ground coffee ZLATNA DŽEZVA. In 2010, VISPAK became part of AS GROUP, the one of the leaders of confectionery products in Southeast Europe.

AmCham will continue to encourage open communication and the sharing of cultural values of its members. 

We hope Vispak has success in all of its future endeavors.