The first meeting of LIDER VIP Business Club for the area of Sarajevo Canton took place in Sarajevo, on 26.09.2018., in a celebrative, yet working and constructive environment. VIP Business Club is a new project of Microcredit Foundation “LIDER” involving successful entrepreneurs with great experience and knowledge, willing to exchange ideas, gain new knowledge and skills, as well as to establish cooperation with new business partners. LIDER VIP Business Club is the shortcut to more advanced and efficient business – it connects members to relevant networks, opens access to knowledge for upgrade of their business and personal skills, and entitles them for LIDER VIP services. By utilising the existing and available resources combined with creative activities and projects, VIP Business Club will work proactively for the benefit of their members, and become a place for all entrepreneurs willing to take a stride in making their business even better and more successful.

Knowing that constant information sharing and education of members is one of the driving ideas of VIP Business Club, members discussed relevant topics and constraints local entrepreneurs are facing with on a daily basis, all with the aim of building awareness of current market developments among the members and encouraging them on proactive thinking.

Particular attention of all participants was drawn to discussion on two exceptionally relevant topics of great interest of all entrepreneurs in B&H.

Draft Law on Sole Propriatorships in FB&H was discussed, and the latest information on the status of the Law and amendments proposed, as well as the standing of entrepreneurs in this matter, were shared by the President of the Crafts Chamber of Sarajevo Canton and member of the Board of Directors of Crafts Chamber of FB&H, Mr. Naser Idrizagić.

Mr. Nermin Nadarević, the founder of the first internet platform for sale of domestic agriculture products presented his successful experience in practical application of modern technological solutions in promotion, managing and developing of his business.

The results of this fruitful meeting were new business connections among Club members established, first steps towards future successful cooperation made, nice socializing and plans for future joint projects agreed.

Similar meetings of VIP Business Club will be held in near future in other areas of LIDER’s operations, resulting in strong VIP Business network gathering members from whole Federation of B&H as a unique platform for business networking and exchange, cooperation and ambitious joint projects.

LIDER is Microcredit Foundation supporting the entrepreneurs with good business idea and strong will to realise it. Longstanding experience in financing of business and agriculture, carefully tailored financial and nonfinancial services, and professional staff are available to all entrepreneurs believing in future in their own business and self-employment. LIDER has, during the sixteen years long existence, disbursed over 18.500 loans to entrepreneurs and farmers in the total amount of 67,5 million KM, in the area of 5 Cantons of Federation B&H.