In May 2017, Logosoft acquired the Cisco Cloud and Managed Service Provider Master (CMSP Master) certification from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Hosted-Security-as-Service (HSS) cloud and managed services and so positioned itself as a regional leader in the field of Cloud based services and technologies.

This certificate provides an official confirmation that Logosoft Data Center meets all rigorous technical, security and organizational requirements for Cisco Partners offering cloud services based on Cisco infrastructure solutions.

In order for the company to obtain the Cisco CMSP Master Certificate, it is necessary to meet all the requirements imposed by the best ITIL business practices, which are evaluated through a very demanding audit carried out by an independent external auditing company (NSF), and is engaged by Cisco Systems.

As part of this process, all the technical and security features of the Logosoft Data Center, as well as all the processes involved in the creation, delivery and monitoring of Logosoft Data Center services, are evaluated for end users. In addition, the management of the services, technical support and management of the support system, as well as the level of Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the Logosoft Data Center have also received the official certification of Cisco on compliance with world standards.

“We are proud of the fact that we have crowned our business with another official certificate of the great IT brand, and this is another proof that BiH, using its domestic intelligence and resources, can be fully in touch with the world. In addition to the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we already have several certifications over the past year, Logosoft has worked intensively on the preparation of documentation, procedures and organization for the Cisco CMSP Master Certification service. The CMSP Master Certificate is a very valuable confirmation of our internal organization, as well as the verification of the entire work that we did during the construction of the Data Center and a very important step to fulfill the overall growth strategy of Logosoft, which we have set up for the following period. This certificate is not only a recognition, but also a guarantee to all our clients that the Logosoft Data Center services are harmonized according to the valid security procedures and rules. This ensures even greater quality of services, which will Logosoft is a pay-generator A direct expansion of business to both local and international clients, “said Damir Dizdarević, executive director for sales, services and marketing of Logosoft.

“We have implemented many processes and functionalities before, but additional quality, safety and reliability of the service is now recognized by the official auditor, which confirms our dedication and quality of operations of Logosoft Data Center,” said Logosoft.