Last week company members representatives of the AmCham BiH Health Care and Environment Committee, Chairman of the Committee and General Manager Boro Mio ERKONA, Amela Hrbat Managing Director EKOPAK, Jasmina Efendić Commercial Lead For BiH IQVIA,  Lana Sarajlić attorney-at-law WOLFTHEISS, Managing Director at Association of Innovative drug manufacturers in Bosnia & Herzegovina Ana Petrović, Elma Babić Džihanić Assistant Director Zeos Eko- Sistem d.o.o., had the opportunity to meet with the U.S. Embassy in Hungary Regional ESTH (Environment, Science, Technology, and Health) officer from DC Gina Kassem and discuss a brief overview of their work and policy reforms they are tracking and hoping to see implemented over the next few years.

Some of the topics covered during the meeting were legal framework of the Environment issues in BiH and its impact on BiH society and economy. The challenges in developing a packaging waste management system, from the legal framework to the capacity to collect and recycle packaging waste. Need for governmental strengthening of data collection and reporting on mortality by individual disease or cause, attributable to AAP. And the topic on innovative drugs, procedures, problems and possible suggestions for improvements.

Thanks to Andy Allen the Economic officer of the U.S. Embassy in BiH for organizing the meeting and for being at service to AmCham’s member companies in tackling all of the mentioned and other issues /activities of the AmCham BiH Health Care and Environment Committee, in the future.