AmCham BiH is a leader in improving the business and regulatory environment through proactive dialogue and open partnership with all of the levels of the Government and the Embassy of the United States of America which is the closest and most reliable AmCham partner. In this regard, the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH held a working lunch where the keynote speaker was H.E. Eric Nelson US Ambassador to BiH. In his remarks he emphasized how AmCham BiH and the US Government are working together to improve the business environment in BiH

“Business community is a crucial partner for reforms and the United States views Amcham BiH as its key partner for working towards change. AmCham BiH embraces American values such as inclusivity, transparency and rule of law. Despite the political complications which make economic reforms slow and arduous in BiH, I believe AmCham BiH can make a difference in improving the business climate in BiH” –said the U.S. Ambassador to BiH during his speech.

One of the goals of the Chamber, prescribed by the AmCham BiH Statute, is to maintain partnerships with all institutions of the Government of BiH, as well as with the United States of America, Chambers of Commerce and other similar business associations in BiH and the United States, as well as in other countries.

“American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina brings voice of American business all over the country, as we each strive to support and advocate for American, but also non-American companies, that work and invest in our country. Today, as our country faces with economic and political disruption, our work to promote and protect interests of our members and boost bilateral relations with our stakeholders is more important than ever,” said the President of the Board of Directors of AmCham BiH during his opening remarks.

During the Luncheon, some of the priority points of AmCham BiH were mentioned, such as influencing the problem of the lack of legislation on the use of electronic signature and electronic document in BiH, the formation of an appropriate body at different levels of government that would deal with the information society and legislation related to digital services, which would initiate and coordinate initiatives related to the digitization of citizens’ services, as well as promoting ethical and harmonized business operations in the BiH market as a competitive advantage.

The Luncheon was a good opportunity for business leaders of companies and organizations assembled in AmCham BiH membership and potential new members to meet with new General Secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce Damir Petrinić.  

“Creating a better business and a stronger social environment, connecting with partners and developing constructive dialogues through intensifying networking within members, are challenges that we are prepared to cope with.“– Petrinić stressed out during his speech and mentioned the agreement that AmCham BiH signed with the USAID WHAM project.

“Through the AmCham BiH USAID WHAM contract, the American Chamber of Commerce will implement a number of workforce improvement programs in the ICT sector. Through the USAID WHAM project grants, AmCham BiH will organize ICT professional training in its various fields for its members and thus work intensively on strengthening and improving the quality of work of the BiH ICT sector. “

Another planned activity of AmCham BiH was mentioned, which deals with young people and strengthening the leadership potential of young managers. Through the AmCham BiH Mentorship program, which is scheduled to launch in fall, the ultimate goal is to create a prestigious and unique business education program in Bosnia and Herzegovina that will help fill the gaps in the education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and contribute to connecting the business sector with the academic community.

At the end of the Luncheon the President of the Board of Governors and the AmCham BiH General Secretary invited companies that, like AmCham BiH, are dedicated to developing international business in Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the Chamber and to work with AmCham BiH and the existing members to work on identifying barriers to fair business activities, and opportunities to overcome them.