The AmCham Regional Gathering of 2017 was hosted by AmCham BiH.

Representatives of AmCham Albania, AmCham Croatia, AmCham Montenegro, AmCham Macedonia and AmCham Serbia were our honored guests with the aim of strengthening the cooperation between AmChams through exchanging best practices and experiences intended for strengthening the overall business environments of the countries in Western Balkans.

The two day gathering was held on September 28th – 29th, in Sarajevo and in Mostar. The agenda for the first day of the Gathering, was aimed at presenting the working policies of AmCham representatives and internship programs alongside H.E. Maureen Elizabeth Cormack, the US Ambassador to BiH.

The underlined topic of the Welcome Lunch with H.E. by exchanging best practices of regional AmCham’s has been on building an open, successful economy in order of providing employment opportunities and prosperity for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, youth in particular. 

One of the first challenges in BiH is establishing an environment for businesses to flourish in order of creating ardently required jobs. With this regard, it was an excellent opportunity to exchange regional perspectives on these reforms.

Subsequent to the Welcome Lunch, AmCham representatives had the chance to attend a brief history of the City Hall’s reconstruction fazes, one of the most significant history objects in Sarajevo. The facts of Sarajevo history as well as insightful details about the life mannerisms of the people from BiH. This visit brought the region together in a picturesque stroll across Balkan’s history.

The first day of the Gathering was also reserved for exploring the touristic sights of the capital city of BiH, including the surrounding Olympic Mountains.

The second day of the Gathering was dedicated to exploring the business opportunities of Herzegovina and the nature and historical beauties of the city of Mostar. Here AmCham representatives from the region visited the first five star hotel in BiH, Hotel Marriott Mostar, considered as one of the major investments in BiH, to be opened in 2018. The Company GM presented the investment, the virtues of the hotel, and thus presented the reasons why it is considered a good investment in Bosna and Herzegovina. Also, AmCham BiH’s member company INTERA Technology Park discussed its activities and their specific challenges as well. Introducing these two examples of successful businesses in BiH, has brought a broader picture of why a regional cooperation with additional quality services and benefits can make an overall impact in business environments of all regional countries.

This Regional Gathering was the sixth gathering of this kind.