In light of the recently adopted new laws on Banks in Republika Srpska and the Federation, AmCham BiH organized a briefing in Sarajevo with the aim of developing a discussion on the novelties and practical application of the new laws on Banks, with a special accent on the already prepared topic: “Sale of NPL credit placements under new regulations on banks in BiH, with regional comparative review”.

An introductory presentation was held on the briefing, on the topic “New laws on Banks of the FBiH, relating to sale of bad credit”, that was authored by Goran Babić, a lawyer with many years of experience in the banking sector, who works with regional legal practice Karanović & Nikolić.

Panelists were: Nerminka Hromić, Banking Agency of BiH – “The work of the bank in accordance with the new Law on Banks of the FBiH” and Samir Lačević, Association of Banks of BiH – “News in the Entity Laws on Banks”.

Panelists pointed out that the new laws on Banks brings a lot of novelties but ambiguities as well, due to the fact the  provisions under the number 254 in the new law, and in the provision 71, in the old law, is the selection of the governing bodies of banks is more clearly defined, but at the same time there remains an open space for the adoption of laws, their entry into force and obligations of preparation of by-laws and their adoption in banks (6 + 3 months). It is concluded that the banking agencies are the ones who should know all of the answers to all the questions regarding the application and solutions of possible ambiguities.

The attendees expressed their satisfaction with the initiated activities and proposed a series of meetings on the same topic within the frames of the Association of Bank of BH, as well as the banking agencies with the involvement of the relevant ministries, all with the aim to harmonize the adoption of the new laws with the needs of their clients.