Representatives of the local and international, globally known companies from the ICT industry, members of American Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina, forming the AmCham ICT Committee, held a meeting with the Prime Minister of the FBiH, Mr. Fadil Novalić, in order of presenting the importance of following the Digital Agenda of the European Union from the ICT sector in BiH.

The ICT sector is one of the key drivers of the European economy, its value in the European economy is 600 billion euros (4.8% of GDP). While Europe’s digital economy is growing and also pervades in all economic sectors, the development of the ICT sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina withstands development due to outdated governing ICT regulations as well as the lack of the professional education system. The AmCham B&H ICT Committee Strategy 2015-2016, was presented during the meeting, offering suggestions on how the ICT sector can influence the overall economic growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main motive of the meeting between the AmCham BiH members and the Prime Minister of the FBiH was to point out the importance of the ICT sector in BiH, and that it can be one of the key drivers of the country’s competitiveness and economic growth, hoping that the government will start improving the business environment for the ICT sector.


The Prime Minister has shown great interest and the will to hear the voice of the ICT industry in BiH, thus suggested a new meeting in 15 days which should result with a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the American Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that shall serve as a platform for a more effective and faster implementation of the proposed steps needed to establish the ICT sector in BiH as a key driver of the economic development of the country.


This meeting is thought to be of great importance for the economy of BiH because if the suggested steps were to be implemented within a year, this would represent a major change in the relationship between the key people in the country, in the direction of progress towards accession in the EU and to the general improvement of the business environment in BiH.