Welcome to "Healthcare as an Investment 2023"!

Dear members of the AmCham community and all fans of innovation in healthcare, we invite you to join us and our partners, UIPL and IQVIA, at the healthcare conference that will be held next Thursday, 26/10/2023. years.

Our mission is simple: to shape the future of healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina, positioning healthcare as an investment in quality of life and economic development. This conference will bring together national and international leaders and experts from the healthcare industry, key decision makers at different levels of government, and the most significant companies from this industry to jointly explore best practices, offer innovative solutions and set a direction for progress.

Our goal is to focus on topics of key importance for healthcare:

  • Digitalization of the healthcare industry: Discover how digital technologies can improve access to healthcare and optimize processes.
  • Identification and removal of key barriers: Discuss the barriers that patients and healthcare professionals face and how to overcome them.
  • Innovations for a more efficient healthcare system: Highlight the latest innovations that will shape the future of healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This event will be a platform to encourage meaningful discussions and collaboration. Together, we can shape a better future for healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more information and registration, visit our website amchamhealth.ba and join us at this important conference.

We look forward to your presence at "Healthcare as an Investment 2023"!