The Mission of the IPR Committee is to promote protection of the intellectual property rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The IPR Committee brings together practitioners, policy-makers and executives to encourage collaboration in creating a platform of information and recommendations for positioning the IPR sector as a generator of economic prosperity in BiH.

Below we present the details of the IPR Webinar, on the topic: "Concept, importance and protection of trademark rights". If you run a company / organization or just want to improve your knowledge and skills to be as successful as possible in business situations, this webinar will help you with that. Trademark protection is an important step for your brand identity. Trademark protection gives you the legal right to prevent others from abusing your trademark. Moreover, it is the property of a company / organization whose value can increase significantly.

At the webinar, you will gain knowledge about the importance of intellectual property protection, specifically the need for protection and the importance of the company / organization trademark. In 150 minutes you will learn more about:
• what the trademark is, the types of trademark, and the method of trademark registration;

• the importance of the trademark and its protection;

• administrative-legal and judicial protection of trademark rights.

The webinar will be led by experts in this field:

- Anisa Tomic, Attorney at law and partner, MARIĆ & Co Law Firm Ltd.,

- Mirna Milanovic-Lalic, Attorney at law,,

- Zoran Strsoglavec, Brand Protection Director at Nike, and

- Tarik Prolaz, Attorney at law in cooperation with PETOSEVIC and President of the Intellectual Property Committee AmCham BiH.

The webinar is specially designed for people from the business world and is free for all participants. Please express your interest as soon as possible as the number of places is limited. The webinar will be held through the Webex platform.

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Link to access the webinar:

Event number: 2733 879 3521

Event password: kQ2M2GRPze9

See you!