We are an independent, non-proft, non-governmental organization and a fully accredited member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington.

AmCham BiH was established in 2001 to advance the interest and views of U.S. and other foreign businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to assist in improving the business environment in BiH and to promote high standards of commercial practice.

AmCham BiH improves the business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We achieve this by building and maintaining strong relationships between our members, foreign investors, local decision and policy makers, other AmChams, the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thought leaders and experts. Via our events, initiatives and campaigns we actively advance American best practices, high standards of commercial practice and a sound business climate.


Serve as a business, knowledge, networking and policy forum for our members and partners.

Advocate for a healthy, open and productive business climate and investment environment in BiH.



Be the powerful and efficient voice of the business community.

Be the leading voice of US and other businesses and investors in BiH, promoting mutual business cooperation and friendship between the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Focus on improving BiH’s investment climate and instilling the value of corporate social responsibility.




Improve and build a better business climate in BiH.

Lead by example.

Help fulfill goals and missions of our members.