Our Advocacy

AmCham’s advocacy activities are conducted through its committees and tasks forces. The Board of Governers, The Executive office and the Committees work together to achieve AmCham’s goals set forth in our strategic plan.  All of the AmCham BiH Committees examine more closely the issues impacting companies and their operations, and formulate recommendations for the Board of Governors to act upon.

We built a strong partnership relation with all governmental institutions and decision – makers in BiH, which consider us the leading energy that stimulates the growth of BiH economy, and rely on the Chamber when it comes to solving  problems that stand in the way of the flourishment of the BiH business community.

Our Services

Facilitating business and Government contacts, establishing and maintaining close communication between the business sector and the BiH Government and it’s institutions. Facilitating networking among our members. 

Organizing regular luncheons featuring BiH, US and other foreign leaders and officials as keynote speakers. Organizing informal cocktails sponsored by AmCham BiH members which have a short presentation of their companies/ products. 

Identifying impediments to business and making suggestions as to how these problems can be solved or reduces, through committee and task force work/advocacy.

Promoting philanthropic projects benefiting the broader community.

Our Values

Integrity  – We conduct business with honesty and integrity.

Innovation – We embrace and encourage new ideas and creative thinking.

Cooperation – We cultivate a culture of teamwork to accomplish goals and objectives.

Networking – We organize variety networking activities aiming to fulfill its mission and vision.

Leadership – We provide leadership that transcends its membership and impacts the direction of the community.