NEW SEE represents the vision where South East European countries jointly collaborate on improving the attractiveness of the region for global investors and thus benefiting the regional economies.

It is an initiative of 7 American Chambers of Commerce from the South East Europe region (Albania, BiH, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) with the aim to put the SEE region closer together and create a single market comprised of 61 million people. 

  • Promote the NEW SEE region by creating a long-standing forum that will enable current and new investors to SEE THE POTENTIAL
  • Strengthen NEW SEE AmChams network.
  • Attract more investments to the region.
  • Market of 61 million people.
  • Cooperation of seven American Chambers of Commerce from the SEE region – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • NEW SEE Investment Conference which will be held annually (first one on 15-16 September, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia), will gather regional Prime Ministers, high Governments’ officials, US and global investors, business leaders from the region, policy and decision makers and economic elites of the countries in the region who will work towards putting the region firmly on the investment map.
  • Joint promotion of the region as an investment destination by highlighting its strengths, largely untapped potential and advantages.
  • Joint improving business environment efforts by participating AmChams aimed at facilitating trade in the region and attracting more investments to the whole area.

The NEW SEE Conference
Is a key annual event, hosted each year by a different AmCham in the region, creating a permanent platform for the two-way dialogue between private sector and the respective governments in searching for best solutions addressing regional challenges.
First conference that will gather business, political and economic elite of the region is scheduled for the 15-16 September 2015, in the Hyatt Regency Belgrade Hotel, Serbia:

You as well can join and take part in creating a new global investment destination. By partnering with the NEW SEE investment forum you will warrant your company exposure to wide Government and business audiences across the SEE.

For more information, on how to register please click on the link: